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Due to recent events, I kicked this site out a bit faster than I would have liked. Originally, the intent was to aggregate all of the club music I hear, and showcase releases that deserve your attention. That starts now. I also would like to act as a conduit for any local nonprofits seeking to improve the city of Baltimore.


I’ll continue to post exclusive TBJB content consistently to encourage visits to the website, and will continue to push traffic from my music to this content, and not the other way around. With that said, let’s get into these jams. You’ll be seeing a block of new tracks every week on here, featuring club music from around the world. Bmore/Philly/Jersey are a given, but there’s so much more fire coming from the rest of world and I’m thrilled to be able to stack it all up in one spot.


This week, though, we’re going to focus on Bmore. Here are 50 Baltimore Club tracks made in 2015; many are downloadable and some are available for purchase, so get those crates swole for the summer. Join the mailing list at the bottom to keep up with new content! To download a track (if available), click on the album art.